Difference between Planned Maintenance and Reactive Maintenance

Planned Maintenance:

Real Estate Maintenance can sometimes become a hurdle when you do not choose the right strategy. Although property maintenance companies like us can help you with these strategies you can detect them by yourselves as well. Here, we will provide you a guideline regarding two types of maintenance strategies. Below are the benefits and drawbacks of Planned maintenance and Reactive maintenance.

Planned Maintenance:

Planned maintenance is a sort of regular maintenance where you get certain things inspected after a certain period of time and if needed get it maintained. This includes the checking of your roof for any leakage or any breakage so that it could be repaired immediately. Have a look at its pros and cons:

Benefits of Planned Maintenance:

  1. Planned maintenance saves you from bigger repairs so it is less costly comparatively
  2. Due to unchecked or unrepaired area, It increases safety.
  3. The maintenance work will not consume much of your time and you can live or work at the property without any delay

Drawbacks of Planned Maintenance:

  1. You need to have a planned schedule before maintenance
  2. Initial costs can be higher than other maintenance strategies

Reactive Maintenance:

Reactive maintenance means the repairing you do when it is needed irrespective of checking for it as in property maintenance. So, this type of maintenance is a reaction to a particular type of damage that can be large or small as no inspection of it has taken place before. Let us look into some of its advantages and disadvantages:

Benefits of reactive maintenance:

  1. This type of maintenance saves your time that is spent on pre-planning of the schedules and you directly go for the maintenance when a repair actually occurs despite finding for it yourself
  2. The cost might reduce firstly as there are no regular inspections so, you will not have to pay money on a regular basis. Secondly, the money spent on planning for the maintenance is also saved

Drawbacks of reactive maintenance:

  1. As the repairs are not checked on a regular basis so they can be more costly and time-consuming
  2. It can be risky as well because a large issue can occur

Planned and reactive maintenance both have their own pros and cons. If you want to save a safe and secure environment then you can go for planned maintenance but if you want to save money you can then go for reactive maintenance.

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