Lockdown regulations for property maintenance services in Melbourne

property maintenance services in melbourne

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we see and experience the world. With lockdown restrictions imposed over everyday tasks, people are facing issues in maintaining their properties in Melbourne.

Due to the spread of covid-19 across Melbourne, the government has imposed strict restrictions for moving out of your home. Because of the stay-at-home curfew from 09 pm to 05 am, it has become difficult for people to get property maintenance services in Melbourne.

At this point, you can only leave your home for the following reasons:

  • Authorized work with permit
  • Medical emergency
  • Care of a Child
  • In other emergencies against some danger

With the COVID-zero goal, the lockdown will extend if the vaccination rate does not reach the set standard. With new COVID cases being recorded every day, people are still single-vaccinated and need the second dose.

As of now, 120 new cases have been recorded, and the government projects it will reach the 70 percent threshold by late September. The government aims to have a greater number of vaccinations recorded each day than the number of new cases coming into notice.

In the prevailing situation, the maintenance of property and buildings have been affected. Read below and find about the lockdown regulations for property maintenance services in Melbourne.


The Government has imposed the following set of rules and regulations concerning facilities and maintenance services.

  • You can get urgent maintenance and property repair services throughout Melbourne. Routine facilities and maintenance work has been restricted until further notice.
  • The availability of supplies from a hardware store is restricted unless followed by an authorized repair worker. It is allowed if needed for some emergency repairs and facilities.
  • If an authorized worker is not involved in the process, you can still look for the hardware supply within 5km of your residence, and it should be entertained by click and collect service, ensuring no physical contact.
  • If you have property other than your residential space, and it needs some sort of urgent maintenance. You are allowed to go for it, but keeping a 1.5 meters distance between you and any other person on the property is mandatory. Wearing a mask is also compulsory, and you should return home as soon as possible.


Emergency repair includes any urgent repairs or maintenance service needed on your property, which can result in a big damage to your goods and property if not tackled soon.

More importantly, emergency repairs include property services that, if not provided, can cause injury to the residents. According to the set rules, maintaining a safe environment for all is necessary.


You can get all the emergency property repairs within Melbourne done with the assistance of SBS Australia.

As the renowned property and facilities maintenance service provider in Melbourne, we cover numerous services for our clients; including:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical services
  • Structure stabilization
  • Plaster and paint services
  • Waterproofing and sealing
  • Urgent maintenance and repairs, and a lot more.

From discussing your core needs to developing easy solutions and repairs for property and building maintenance services in Melbourne, we have got you covered!


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