The quality of our service and your satisfaction is the most important indicator of our work and to ensure that you receive the most shining service and radiant results, we have a comprehensive system of job supervision.

If more than one cleaner is located at your premises, a supervising cleaner or full-time supervisor is employed to make sure that your premises always looks its best and that all security and cleaning procedures have been completed every time. If you only have one cleaner at your premises, weekly inspections are carried out by an identified area supervisor or one can be requested on demand should you require additional service. In addition an identified area manager will conduct the supervision.

Regular inspections

For each job, our staff are given detailed work schedules and specifications to ensure that no facet of their regular operations are skipped. All staff are also required to complete job reports to their immediate supervisor, these reports are available to you.

Should there be any cause for emergency, our operations manager is available 24 hours a day. An emergency contact number is given to all new clients.

Back up Support

We help in providing Back-Up support in case of urgent demand of work/Absenteeism. This works as a dedicated CONTROL ROOM with 24 hour service.

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